Thursday, May 11, 2006


Butchery in Bronx

Drug beef prods man to kill, carve up his boss

Police lead Victor Gonzalez back to the Bronx apartment where he allegedly killed and brutally butchered his boss.

A bloodthirsty ex-butcher from the Bronx expertly carved up his boss and then dumped the mutilated remains along several streets early yesterday - horrifying neighbors who found the body parts, police and witnesses said.

Victor Gonzalez confessed to cops he bashed his boss, Wilfredo Pintos, 36, in the head with a hammer during a drug-fueled argument shortly after midnight, police said.

Gonzalez - a roofer who trained to be a butcher in his native Puerto Rico - boasted to cops that he used three boning knives to fillet Pintos' corpse inside a Kelly St. apartment, a police source said.

"He was sorta proud of his handiwork, of his nice, clean lines and the clean cutting at the joints," another police source said.

Gonzalez, 44, told cops that Pintos was too big to fit in the bathtub so he laid him on white sheets and started cutting, a source said.

"The white sheets were so bloody, they looked like Russian flags," the source said.

Gonzalez first tried to borrow a neighbor's shopping cart to remove the parts all at once from the third-floor home.

After the neighbor turned him down - without knowing why he wanted the cart - Gonzalez allegedly carried five bags of flesh and a bag holding bloody sheets and clothing outside one by one. He dumped the bags around the Longwood neighborhood, cops and neighbors said.

Angel Romano found a severed arm on Intervale Ave.

"It was from the elbow down with just a plastic bag over it," said Romano, a 31-year-old carpenter. "It was a clean cut. He knew what he was doing."

Gonzalez had been feuding with Pintos for some time, neighbors said. The two men worked for Imperial Roofing Co. and the brawny Pintos enjoyed punching the smaller Gonzalez, they added.

more gory details

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