Thursday, May 04, 2006


"We thought he was an amiable dunce, sort of like a guy out of a Budweiser ad. Actually, turns out he’s a preppy Redneck-wanna-be, a type I’ve encountered once or twice in my life and is probably one of the creepiest personality types there is. To be a racist because you were raised in a racist family in the Deep South is one thing, racist by choice is a bit worse."

A. Toby Keith
B. George Bush, 41
C. George Bush, 43
D. Jeb Bush
E. Either of the other two Bush brothers, whose names escape me at the moment.
F. George Allen, the late football coach
G. George Allen, son of tlfc, and politician
H. Jack Kemp, former politician and former football quarterback (and a pretty good one, too)
I. Jeff Kemp, son of the former politician and former football quarterback (not so good)


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