Friday, May 12, 2006


Principal let perv volunteer - report

Retired Principal Sidney Massey defended move to let Mario Martis, accused of sodomy by boy, 12, work as volunteer.

A city principal allowed a disgraced school employee - who had been fired for allegedly sexually assaulting a student - to volunteer at an East Harlem school where the pervert continued to prey on boys, authorities said yesterday.

Mario Martis, 29, was axed from his city school aide post in 2000 after a 12-year-old boy he tutored accused him of sodomy.

But his twisted criminal history did not stop Principal Sidney Massey from permitting Martis to volunteer at Public School 37 from 2004 until last year, according to special schools investigator Richard Condon.

Martis also invited a half-dozen young boys to sleep over at his Manhattan home, where he shared a bed with several kids and wrestled with them, students told investigators.

In one case, Martis allegedly promised to buy a bicycle for a 9-year-old boy if he agreed to spend the night. The boy slept over and wrestled Martis in his underwear but never got the bike, investigators said

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